Abby & Sam

The show off cats

We are both two beautiful adopted Siamese cross breed cats. Abby, I am a year and 7 months old while Sam is 1 year and 4 months.

Abby, I love to cuddle, absolutely love attention and love it when my mom speaks to me as if I don't understand her 🙂 It is simply adorable. Because I trust my humans so much they are the only ones I trust. I am known as Mrs Prrrr in our household, my mom says she has never heard a cat prrrr as much as I do. Some times my humans have to turn up the volume while they are watching tv because I make more noise than anything else.

Every cat has their trend, and mine use to be to show off the cockroaches I have caught. But lately I have decided to show off even more and bring in moles that I found in the garden, then my mom would save them and take them back to a safer place. I might even be bringing her the same one every time and she wouldn't even know.

Sam, I love attention but also love to be left alone. I follow my parents in the house all day and will MEOUW every now and again for a bit of attention. But when they give it to me I do some times pretend like I didn't even ask for it, this happens every day off course. It's nice to know they still care about me even if I am lurking as a shadow.


My mom says I am very intelligent as well, I can open cupboards with my paw. But my trophy moments ,as my mom calls it, would be doves. I love catching them and showing them off to my parents. They normally just try to play hero to let them go again, but I know they are super proud of me.

Our parents decided together that they wanted animals, because they believe that no one can live without the love of an animal. They found me, Abby, one day on Facebook scrolling through the pages my blue eyes caught my mom's attention and she send it to my dad. They both fell in love and a week later I was in their loving care.

They never thought about getting another cat, but my mom became friends with someone living in Piketberg. One day this lady, 2 months after they adopted my sister, sent them a photo of me, Sam. They immediately fell in love once again and drove to Piketberg to take me home.

Our parents believe they are the two luckiest humans on earth with the two most amazing furry-children. But we cannot take all the credit, they have given us a loving home and in return out of respect and appreciation we wait for them every day after work at the door to welcome them home.