Bailey + Patches

Puzzle pieces

I, Bailey am a New Zealand breed and I am a hopping 2 years old. I, Patches am a Netherlands breed and 5 years old (well that is estimated by the vet)...then we have two other brothers, but their story will be up tomorrow.

Let's get back to us; I Bailey, being a New Zealand breed, are known to be very large muscular and have a beautiful coat. Then I Patches, being a Netherlands breed are known to have disproportionately large eyes with respect to our body, and our ears are small and carried high on our head. A very interesting fact if you didn't know this is that a bunnies' teeth never stop growing.

Our favourite thing in the world is eating. Nothing excites us more. I, Bailey am a big smoocher, I love giving kisses and Patches rubs his chin against everything to mark his territory, the funny floof. He even owns the pot plant apparently.

So how did we end up with our mommy; our mom walked into Pet World the one day buying food for our other two crazy brothers and there I was, beautiful Bailey. I tried to get her attention every time she walked pass the translucent box I was in. I looked into her eyes and I think my jedi-mind trick helped...she took me home that day and I have been a part of her family ever since.

I, Patches was recommended by my mommy's sister. She works at Happy Tails and every time my mommy came to visit, I think she had a crush on me from the start. Every time she walked in, she said one day she will take me home. And looked what happened, she adopted me and I am now a proud husbun to dearest Bailey.


I, Bailey am a little princess according to my mom, with a lot of attitude. At night I just love to lie on my mom's face, don't know why... 

I, Patches am as cool a s a cucumber according to my mom. Bed time when Bailey is almost suffocating our mom, I just love lying at her feet. I think I am a little heater when I sleep that is why I don't get kicked off the bed.cucumber. 

We follow our mommy everywhere she goes, she really can't escape our love and cuddles. We love watching series and movies with our mommy on the couch or do we like the snuggling part more? We complete our mom's puzzle, that's her words.