Ein, Lenin & Aru

The three musketeers


We are all dwarf rabbits weighing only a kilogram each. I, Ein, am a Netherland Dwarf and Aru a Jersey Wooly and we are both 2 and a half years old. Our other brother Lenin is a dwarf Angora and because I am a rescue rabbit my parents think I am 2 years old, but they can only guess.

Our all time favourite treats are definitely raisins and bananas. We don't really know which one we like more.

I, Aru, am a kind and gentle soul, but so playful. My fur changes colour all the time between cream, grey and brown. When given a raisin held between mommy's fingers, I'll gently try to take it without using my teeth to cause harm.
I, Lenin, was found on the side of the road, and has since landed with my bum in the butter, falling hopelessly in love with Ein, while finding a long lost brother in Aru. I am an absolute clown, and will fall asleep to the point where I fall over. I have learned to lick my mommy's hands to get treat, but sometimes I get confused and lick everywhere else thinking there are treats.

I , Ein, am the only girl and super grumpy unless there are treats involved. I will let you know with a loud foot stamp if I don't approve of something. I only have eyes for my two boyfriends and will groom them endlessly. According to my mommy I am also the smartest, as I am the only one who knows how to open the treat jar.

We've all learned to stand on our hind legs for treats as well as taking them gently from our mommy's mouth. When our mommy wiggles her nose at us quickly, we'll match her and wiggle ours back. 
Aru was given to our mommy as a birthday present from close friends. She read that bunnies are happier with a bonded mate, so while looking for a suitable friend, she fell in love with a photo of Ein. Another friend of our mommy found Lenin, and wanted him to go to a home where she can see him occasionally. After an unsuccessful attempt with two other girls, it was an instant match with my two. It's not often that a trio of bonded buns work so well, but I'm glad it did for us. We play, groom and nap together near constantly.