Flicka, Bruno & Bella

The adventure awaits...

I , Flicka and Bruno are Jack Russels, while our other sibling, Bella, is definitely a mix between a dog, cat and a bit of cheetah (because of her mad running skills).

I, Flicka, and my brother, Bruno are a rapping 4 years old. I know I am the best cuddler to have around and I love gicing kisses to show my appretiation for my humans. I, Bruno am a true gentleman according to my parents, a small package with a big heart. So it is true, dynamite does come in small packages.

An interesting fact about Jack Russels is that we may be balls of energy and need attention all the time, we are friendly towards humans but other dogs not so much. Being fearless is not always a good trait to have, we see ourselves as protectors.

I, Bella am a mere 2 years young. I on the other hand loves unconditionally and, according to my parents, am the most energetic dog always ready for adventure. Because I am a mix breed they don't really know exactly what I am, but that simply makes me unique in every way.



We all love attention and running around. We love being around any people that give us attention. When we hear the lid of the cookie jar popping we run, because cookies are our favourite treats.
The day our parents went to get their first puppy, they fell in love with both Bruno and Flicka and couldn't find it in their hearts to take only 1 home. Bella, I was an unwanted pup and thrown away in a dustbin and needed a forever home. They saw the picture of me and I just touched their heart strings, they new their home would be perfect for me. Since then we have all become a super close family and our parents try to take us anywhere where we can run around and be free.
We all, according to our parents make them super happy and they love us so much. According to them we are their babies, so we know we will always have parents that look after us no matter what.