Jumbo + Dumbo

Funky floofs

Nice to meet you. Our names are Jumbo; I am 5 years old and Dumbo, I am 3 and we are both Abyssinian guinea pigs, known for our funky hair.  We both love eating...alot.

I, Jumbo was the first to be adopted in this incredible family to befriend the first guinea pig addition to this family called bunny. Yes I know right confusing considering we have two siblings who actually are bunnies (their story was up yesterday if you missed it). Then unfortunately an abscess that went wrong took the life of dear bunny, my mom says it was the saddest day in her life.

My mom decided to get a friend for me immediately, she walked into Pet World and they only had one other Abyssinian breed guinea pig left. And then whallllaaa... I Dumbo joined our family.

A few fun facts about us is that we were first domesticated in South America 7000 years ago - around the year 5000 B.C. We are born well-developed.  We can run at 3 hours old, and can live on our own at 3-5 days old. We are good at navigational or location skills.  We also have great memories and can remember a path through a complicated maze to reach food for several months. Again enhancing the fact that we really love to eat 🙂

According to our mom we are her little kids and very smart as well. We all including our other hopping siblings have our own way of telling her when we want something like food, cuddles, attention or just want to play. We think we have really shown mom the meaning of genuine love.She says we are her world and her world revolves around us...her 4 floofs.