Affection itself

I , am a Staffordshire bull terrier standing proud at¬†a mere 3 years and 8 months of age. I know right I don't look a day older than 1 ūüôā¬†

A fun fact about us is that we are known for our character of fearlessness and loyalty. This, coupled with our affection for our friends, our off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability, make us a foremost all-purpose dog.

Back to me, I like going for walks, playing with a frisbee, taking Sunday drives with my parents, giving them all the kisses I possibly have to give, taking over their bed at night (it is actually known to be a trait that dogs have if they are including humans in their pack, but shhhh don't tell them) and don't forget the treats that mommy gives me, these by far are my absolute favourite.

My daddy taught me from a young age to give my paw when they asked for it and as I grew older I learnt to give both paws, obviously not at the same time, but working on that.


My daddy grew up with Staffordshire Bull Terriers and wanted to add onto our family. They took a trip to Piketberg on the 02nd of February 2013 to go and pick out the one they wanted. When my mommy walked in, the lazy one caught her eye immediately and she told my daddy that this is the one not knowing that as I grow and get older I would be a bundle of energy and not lazy at all.

They fetched me at 7 weeks and when my mommy saw me it was love at first sight. The love and kindness they get from me they say; is absolutely amazing and they could not have asked for a better fur child to join their family. My best friend in the whole wide world is a cat my mommy rescued. I don’t think that there are a lot of dogs out there that can say their best friend is a cat. 


According to my parents my charm and stunning personality makes them love me even more. I might be a fearless warrior on my own but together with them I certainly feel completed and will always be an excellent companion in our home.