Knoffel + Ralphie

How a crossbred Sheep dog, Cocker Spaniel and an Irish setter became best friends


I (Knoffel) am a Sheepdog crossbred with a Cocker Spaniel. I am 6 years old and love playing fetch. If you start I promise I won't get easily tired because that can keep me busy for hours.

I love barking and being paranoid, always on the lookout for something that is about to happen. I may be paranoid but I am super cute when I look worried. According to my parents I am highly intelligent and sometimes I can even read what their minds.

My parents found me on Gumtree and they thought I sounded like the perfect little puppy... until they got my sister... Ralphie.

3 Months after my parents received Knoffel they decided to import me all the way from Durban, because my mommy always wanted an Irish Setter known for their stunning personalities.



I (Ralphie) am a Irish Setter and like my brother I am also 6 years old. When my parents have guests over I always think they have come to visit me, so then it is my turn to show off my teletubbie toy. I love putting my face in people's faces and showing them I care.

I have survived cat disease, mange and an eye operation. My parents call me a miracle.

Now Knoffel and I spend every day close together and as close as possible to our parents. They are our everything. When they have guests over we like to show off and let them know we are around even if we just put our head on their lap or ask nicely with big puppy dog eyes if we can climb on their lap.

They often take us on little adventures or just for a drive, either way we love our lives and our humans.