Obsessed with toys


My name is Levi. I am a Jack Russel Terrier and at the wonderful young age of 6, I still feel like an energetic little ball of fur.

Like all Jack Russels I have an obsession with toys. Especially when mommy wants to throw a ball to me, I simply lose track of time and that can keep me going for hours at a time. I love lemons for some reason as well, maybe because it is shaped like a ball 🙂

I am actually deep down inside a human in an animal's body. I spend more time on 2 legs than four. I will always help out in the house moving things around... when my humans want to make a fire... I will carry in wood for them.

I was brought home by my wonderful mommy when she was dating a guy who told her she can have any puppy from their dog's litter. My mom chose me because she picked out my name before she saw me...and when she did. She felt like the name suited my charming looks.

That relationship between my mommy and her boyfriend didn't last. But l took his place and became the prince of my mommy's heart.