The pup with an abundance of love to give


You can call me Lexie. My parents have no idea what breed I am so this is a wild guess; I am a mix breed between a Whippet , Jack Russel and a boxer, if this makes any sense at all. There is a story that we are called hunting dogs and that farmers use us for hunting, if it is true remains a little mystery.

My age in the same category, a little mystery, but my parents believe I am just over a year old.

I love my other two brothers that I have at home, Duke and Sarge, but according to mommy they would have been to wild for this photo session. I also love running and absolutely love showing affection.

I am super unique in my looks and don't look like any other dog. I have long ears, an under bite and very long legs, making me one of a kind.

The day my parents heard about an abused animal that was living on the streets, they just couldn't say no. It took my parents 5 minutes to decide that they wanted to give me a better life and a forever home. My parents say that I complete their family puzzle.

Maybe that is why I love showing affection, because of these wonderful two humans that decided in an eye wink they wanted to keep me. I am super happy in my forever home and cannot thank them enough.