The superhero

I am a Golden Retriever / Labrador and 6 years old, but in my mind I am still a puppy.

The thing I love the most in this world is my family (well that is what they think at least). My favourite treats are biltong and playing with a rope. I wake my family¬†up when they want to sleep with a rope like I use to do when I was a puppy (remember I still am) ūüôā .

It is a known fact that dogs provide stability and emotional support. Golden Retrievers are known to be the 4th smartest dogs on the planet. We will give our undivided attention to ur owners. Our eagerness to please and bond closely with our owners make us wonderful to be around.

According to my humans I am unique because I think and act like I am a human. I am a great protector as I never leave my families side, they call me Valcro. 


And with great power comes great responsibility, I have super powers when it comes to hearing and speed. When the biltong tupperware lid pops, I can wake up from the deepest sleep and be in the kitchen within seconds.
My parents picked me to be a part of their family because Golden Retrievers are known to be a good choice for my one human, Sharni. She is special like me, we share an indescribable bond that no one can ever break.
My parents chose me to be a part of their family because of my birth mark on my paw, so that they can recognize me out of the litter when it was time to take me home. My parents gave me this incredible name while being on their family trip in Thailand, a mom came running after her daughter screaming the name. Long did they know they would be the ones running after me.