Dignity and Grace

I , am a Miniature Pekingese and am a wrapping 7 years old already. My mom even knows the exact date I was born.

I like snacks. Anything that is a bit tasty but I love biltong, chicken, sweet potato, corn and peas. I think I can call my diet super healthy if you come to think of it. My mommy laughs about it, but she says that I snore when I sleep. Sometimes I just dream I am a tractor that's all. 

A fun fact about dogs like me is that we were bred for centuries to be the cherished companions of the imperial family of China. Today we are still cherished family companions and show dogs who greet everyone we meet with dignity and grace.

Anyone that enters my home, knows by now that I am a part of the family and before anyone else I am greeted first, if you don't then I will jump up to your leg and look at you with my enchanting eyes until you greet me.

My mom has always had something for my kind of breed. One day when she was searching for a dog for someone else she came across a picture of me, she begged the owners to give me to her, but because I was so special they really didn't want too. In the end they decided that maybe it was the right thing to do...and what do humans always say...the rest was history.