Hello. My name is Mobialis Africanus Capensis, but everyone calls me Mobi. I am 8 years old and am the only dog in the family. I have a parrot-brother and two bunny-brothers.

 I love sleeping in the sun and going for walks in the forest. I have loads of human and doggo friends and every Sunday we go and hang out with a bunch of them. Mom calls it “Running Club”. I call it “Best Buddy Party!” The humans even gave me a prize for Hash Hound of the Year 2017.

Mom calls me Super Dog. She says that every time she is down, I pick her up. I don’t know what that means, but she sure loves it when I smile. I really like eating. Most of all, I like eating things I shouldn’t. That has twice now, made me very sick. Last time I spent 5 days in the hospital. It was terrible. 


Mom says I adopted Sebastian (my one bunny-brother). I do take my big brother duties very seriously and protect my mom and my brothers by never leaving their sides while they are outside. Mom says that we all chose her. She says that she was busy adopting a little pupper, but before she could bring her home, the pupper passed over the rainbow bridge.

Mom was distraught but immediately started looking for another pupper to adopt. That’s when she found me. I used to go to work with her every day. Mom’s office buddy was a scientist. That’s why I have such a scientific name!

PS: Charli will tell you that he is in charge, but don’t believe a word that bird tells you. I am the big brother. I am in charge.