The war horse

I, Rey, am a friesian and will be turning 7 in October. I am from a very special breed, that use to carry nobleman and pull carriages in the past.

It is believed that in the Middle ages we were in great demand as war horses throughout Europe. We were known to be graceful and nimble for our size and could carry a knight in armour. Alexander the Great also had a friesian to give you a better idea of how high we ranked.

I love food, much like my mommy and I am especially fond of nice green apples. I love it when my mom scratches me on my bum or belly, I actually pull funny faces when she does that. I also love out rides and feel like a foal again and act a bit like a hooligan. My mom loves spending time with me and when I can push her around is when she is taking life too seriously. She says I am super special to her.
When my mom first saw me, she thought I was such a stunner. My previous owner took me to the vet and when my mom saw me standing in the paddock, she felt a special indescribable connection from the start.
From the moment she saw me, she just had to have me. So she started bothering the vet and my previous owner till they decided to her to take me home.

According to her this was by far the best decision of her life. She says you cant really explain what you feel, but its just a total belonging and "meant to be feeling". She had dreams about me non-stop until the day I was in her care at home. According to her I have grown so much in the 3 and half years that she has been a part of my life and I have helped her grow so much, always teaching her something new about herself and something about myself every day.

We've been on a couple of  adventures together at different stable yards, but I am so happy where I am living currently, and settled in from day one. I always seem to know exactly how to act depending on which mood my mom is in, and she is able to tell exactly which mood I am in as well.

I cant imagine my life without her. She says I am her soulmate and she felt that from the day she initially saw me standing in the paddock.