Sebastian + Flynn

The perfect duo

Hello. My name is Sebastian. I am a Jersey Wooly bunny. I don’t know how old I am. Mom thinks I am going on two years old or so, but she can’t be sure cause I was found living in a park. 

I love dried apple – Mom makes them especially for me. I also like carrots, blueberries and oats. Mom doesn’t give me lots of these treats. She says too much is bad for me. You know sugar is a drug. My favourite green stuff is fennel.  I really, really love head rubs. This wasn’t always the case.

When I first came to stay, I was ANGRY! I used to bite Mom all the time. I think Mom was really worried about me. People kept asking her if she wants to give me back to the shelter, but she wouldn’t give up on me.

She eventually got me a baby brother and I calmed right down. I had a purpose, and a Ginger Ninja to chase  - bwahahaha! Seriously though, I love my baby brother. I came to stay with Mom cause she volunteers at the rescue organisation where I was. She brought me home for the weekend. Mobi, that silly dog, loved me from the moment I arrived.

By the Saturday afternoon, we were sleeping together on the couch. Mom can’t say no to Mobi (my other brother who will be sharing his story tomorrow) and Mobi wanted me as his brother. I was adopted on Mandela Day.  Mom calls me a foster fail.

I don’t really care who is in charge, as long as I get my treats and head rubs, I am happy.


Whazzzz uuuup! My name is Flynn aka Ginger Ninja. I am about 6 months old and if you haven’t figured it out yet, a bunny.

I love to eat. Anything and everything. Get in ma belly! Mom says I am a teenager – All I do is eat and mope around, only to suddenly break into the zoomies, followed by joyful binkies all over the place. She calls it “The Mood Swings”. I also quite like doing the dead bunny flop and rolling onto my side, or lying with my legs stretched out behind me.

My absolute favourite thing to do is to run around in the garden. My second absolute favourite thing to do is chew. My third absolutist favourite thing to do is to sleep. Or maybe that is my first favourite thing? I am slowly letting Mom make friends with me. You know, you can’t give them too much attention, then they just want more and more.

How did I end up in this loony bin of a house (have you met the parrot?) My older bro, Sebs, was not a nice boon. He used to bite Mom all the time. People told her to try and get him a brother or sister. I was found next to the road, fending for myself. I was only 4 weeks old and the lady who found me thought that Mom would be a good person for me to go and stay with.

Sebs and I met and well, apparently I melted his iron heart. We were family from the moment we met. Mom says I completely live up to my name. Flynn means to act quickly and impetuously – to seize an opportunity. And Ginger Ninja cause I stealthily not only stole her heart, but also Seb’s.

Mobi and Charli might think that they are in charge, but just give me a couple of months and I will show you who is really in charge. Ginger Ninja for President!