Apollo + Sputnik

The ninja space brothers

We are rabbits - duh, but because we say this is because I, Apollo am part jersey woolly and part puppy. I, Sputnik am known of being the naughty bunny, so see what we meant?

I, Apollo am a hopping 5 years old and I never let my brother forget it. I love food and climbing on things. I often climb on the couch or inside the wardrobes and deep down I think I was born to be a ninja and I steal food without her knowing 🙂 I know exactly where mom hides all those delicious treats.

I have different colour eyes, mom calls me bowie-bun. She used to go to class in university and I would go with. So technically I am also qualified. Sometimes class would get boring and I would go visit the neighbours' house on my own. On weekends I creep into bed to snuggle and insist on sharing the pillow with mom.

I, Sputnik pretend like I am the eldest, but I am actually just 2 years old, or that is what mom thinks. Age is relative, right?

Chewing is my favourite activity in the whole world, not eating chewing. I have showed mom a little of my super power when I chewed a bit on her carpet, i sculpted the table a bit, chewed on a door, a computer, a book... name it I have tried it.


I get super excited when mom brings food home, I growl, bark and honk when she walks in the door, that she knows there can be no surprises. I like surprising mom sometimes at night and try to sculpt her bed, but I have to creep otherwise mom will stop me... so I also consider myself as a ninja. Think that is why Apollo and I are such good brothers, we are the ninja brothers 🙂


Mom says she instantly fell in love with us, aaaah mom. I, Apollo as mom tells the story was a little buried fluff ball under his litter mates, too small really to walk, but I have been with her even before I could hop, but I have stuck by her side through studies to moving cities. Mom says I have really changed her life in that way. 

I, Sputnik came to mom after being rescued from running on the streets. Nervous and unsocialised, I immediately fell in love with Apollo, but it took me a while to get used to mom. The second mom agreed to foster me, she knew she could never rehome me; she could see glimpses of a little funny personality which have since come out.

According to mom we make her heart happy. 🙂