Taurus + Duke

Peas in a pod

I , Taurus am 2 years old and my brother, Duke, is 3. He was a part of this family before me. So maybe he should start...

We both ,as you can see, are Siberian Huskies. A fun fact about us is that we are very intelligent and affectionate, without being too much for our humans. We are known to be escape artists, so digging, jumping over fences and chewing through things is what we do. We may be a bit destructive, but with plenty of exercise and attention we won't tear down the whole backyard.

I, Duke and the black and white Siberian husky that became a part of this family 3 years ago. When my parents were newly weds they really wanted a husky so when they came to look at me and my brothers and sisters, I ran to my dad, I chose him definitely not the other way around. I was well trained as a puppy and will place my head softly on my human's lap to ask for something. But there is something about biscuits that get me out of my skin excited, then I forget my manners.

We both love going for a walk and howling with excitement when my parents come home even though they have only gone to the shop for 30 minutes. My brother is the destructive one...

I, Taurus like my brother said is the awesome one. The one that will chew, jump and dig away when my parents are away. I became a part of this family because I needed a new home, came to visit for a weekend and stayed permanently. Because I was mostly kept inside at my other home I am use to being on the couch.
Duke and I became best friends from the moment I came to visit, which was 4months ago. I love giving out kisses to my humans and going for long walks on the beach. Like my brother I also have a thing for biscuits. Interesting fact about me (Taurus), I have a marking on my body that looks like the Taurus star sign. Hence why they call me that.
If the car door opens, I, Duke like to invite myself. Even if I am not going with it is just to remind my parents that I will always be ready to go. My brother Taurus and I love playing together and chasing each other. The best thing about our parents when they arrive home, we like talking to them and they answer us. So maybe they do understand us.
Our parents says they cannot imagine their lives without us.