Living like royalty


My name is Yogi, the little Pekingese. I may be a crossbreed, but my mommy isn't really sure.

I am almost 2 years old and my birthday is on September the 28th, ooooh that is soon 🙂

I used to live in a pet shop as a pup and they didn't really take care of me. My mom chose me to be a part of her family, because when she saw me she fell in love with me.

The thing I love in this world more than my mommy is going for a walk in the park or even just down the street, if my mom says the word or touches my leash I go crazy and see how much she wants to take me by running around and showing off in the house.

I love doing tricks and my all time favourite one is when my mom pretends like she is shooting me. Then I fall to the ground, lie on my back and play dead. I absolutely love snacks any time of the day. The best part is when I do a trick I get a treat.

I believe that every dog should be treated like a king. We are companions for our humans. We give is love and affection and never expect anything in return.

After my terrible experience as a puppy I am now treated like royalty in my forever home.