Joire de vivre

Hello. My name is , Zanzi, short for Zanzibar. I am a friesian boerperd cross. I am 15.1 hands high and know I part of the gorgeous friesian family.

Mom is not too sure how old I am. But she thinks I am between 6 and 7 years old. Sometimes I like to act like a fowl again, don't you remember those days where everything you did was simply cute. I have my teenager days, as mom calls it, and then I love acting like a rebel, but on other days it’s so easy to see how I am maturing into a really exceptional, level headed mare. 
I am a proper madam. I love being made a fuss of, I love triple x peppermints and will nag for mints. I love going for out rides and love to go for gallops and be able to stretch my legs. Mom says I can also be super to work with because I enjoy dressage and jumping lessons. I definitely feel a sense of achievement when I nail a jump. There’s a video mom has of me where you can see the uncertainty in my face as I am going towards a jump and then I prick my ears in excitement when I clear it.
I love water and when I get a chance to play in a dam I love splashing the water with my front legs and nose. According to mom I have changed so much from the moody nag in the riding school and just has such a "joire de vivre". Oh and one thing I love doing when mom isn't looking, is borrow her phone out my pocket, she says steal I say borrow.
Friesian carried both Friesian and German knights during the crusades. That brought it into contact with Eastern horses which lightened the breed. It was further improved with Andalucian and Barb influences while Friesland was under Spanish control in the 16th and 17th Centuries.
According to mom there is so many reasons why I am unique, but my capacity for adapting is amazing. I have become so well adjusted in just a year of being with one owner. I however am a great emotional supporter for mom who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 
During the lessons with me, we have worked so well as a team and I felt such a connection with her. There was one day after some upsetting news where I walked up to mom in the paddock and let her put her arms around my neck and that’s when I made the decision to be a part of her family.